Nile Cruises by Blue Danube
Enjoy a Private Guide and a Floating Hotel, with full amenities, food and beverage.

Feluca NilePyramids          Sphinx


The Wonders of Egypt
Visit the Great Pyramid of Cheops which was built by manual labor, is the largest of the three main Pyramids and is the only survivor of the Seven Great Wonders of the Ancient World. Nearby see the Sphinx, the lion's body stretching 45m or 135 feet, with its paws 45 feet or 15m long. See the Valley of the kings, visit the museum that houses all the treasures discovered and wonder at the temples of Hatshepsute, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae and Abu Simbel.

Private Guide
Our Egyptologist guide will join you on board. This means that you do the sightseeing tours either with your own private guide or with one of our small groups and a guide that you know, rather than joining one of the large parties with the rest of the boat. Our guide is also at your service during the cruise to help with any problems with your cabin, dietary requirements at mealtimes, or just to sit and talk with you about Egypt and its wonders.

Nile Cruises

Egypt Nile Cruise
3 nights from Aswan to Luxor

Egypt Nile Cruise
4 nights from Luxor to Aswan (EG313)

Cairo and Nile Cruise with Flights
3 nights - Aswan to Luxor and 1 night Cairo (EG314)

Cairo and Nile Cruise with Flights
4 nights - Luxor to Aswan and 1 night Cairo (EG315)

Cairo and Nile Cruise with Flights
3 nights - Aswan to Luxor and 2 Nights Cairo.  (EG317)

Cairo and Nile Cruise with Flights
4 nights - Luxor to Aswan  and 2 nights Cairo (EG318)  

7 Night Cruise to Luxor, Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Luxor
7 Night/ 8 Day Nile Cruise  (EG316) 

14 Nights/ 15 Days from Cairo to Aswan
or do the trip in reverse (EG321)

Egypt by Ship and Train: Nile Cruise and Cairo
2 nights Cairo, 2 nights train, 3 nights cruise (EG302)

Highlights of Egypt - Cairo and Nile Cruise
4 nights Cairo, 4 nights cruise - flights to Luxor and/or Aswan and Nile cruise (EG304)

Egypt Nile Cruise and Sleeper Train
1 night Cairo, 2 nights train, 4 nights cruise (EG310) 

Egypt Nile Cruise and Cairo
2 nights Cairo, 4 nights cruise, 2 nights train (EG312)

Egypt Nile Cruise and Tour
7 nights Cairo, 4 nights cruise (EG311)

Economy Nile Cruises
Aswan - Luxor , Luxor - Aswan - 3 and 4 nights (EG319)

Luxury Nile Cruises

We also have Luxury Nile Cruises on our Blue Danube Holidays website. A sample of these cruises are below:

MS Sunray
4 Days Luxury Nile Cruise BD334

MS Farah
5 Day Luxury Nile Cruise BD331

Sonesta St. George
8 Day Luxury Nile Cruise BD338

Food on Board

Accommodation aboard the cruise boats is on full board basis. All meals are included and are in an open buffet style, some days there are many varieties, depending of the type and quality of the cruise boat; these meals are served with a fixed timetable. Tea and coffee is available, while on the move, every day at 5:00 pm. Other drinks are offered in the bar area.


Enjoy a daily entertainment program including Disco, Belly Dance Show, Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party (formal), fancy Galabia (long dress) Party and Nubian Folkloric Show.

We use several 5 star classified cruise ships on the Nile. See the Ships HERE. The cruises we offer are excellent value and the categories are:

  •  Standard Class (3 - 4 star in Europe or US - older ships)

  • Superior Class (4 - 5 Star in Europe or US)

  • Deluxe Class (5 Star in Europe of US - Newer ships)

Whichever Class you choose you will have 5 Star Deluxe Service from our team of Private Guides. You will have an en-suite, air-conditioned cabin and full use of all the boats facilities such as restaurants, sun deck, swimming pool, etc. There is a large selection of  beverages (adult and non-alcoholic) available at the bar.

 If you want a lavish luxury experience we recommend on of our Luxury Cruises on Blue Danube


During the daytime, while enjoying the tours, wear lightweight clothes, due to the extreme heat. It is recomended that you cover your shoulders and that shorts or skirts come down to the knees. This shows respect for the local customs and protects from you from the blistering Egyptian the sun. The same rules apply in European places of worship. While relaxing on board it is much less formal in shorts, t-shirts and swimming costumes, if you wish. Breakfast and lunch can be taken dressed like this, but for dinner, smarter clothes are the norm. 

How to pay your Extras 

All extras such as drink, laundry, and telephones bills, should be settled on the last day of your cruise at checkout time. Payment can be made with credit card, traveller’s cheque, or cash. Make sure you have enough cash, just in case your card is not working properly. We recommend visiting a bank, to change your money, before cruising, as most of the cruise boats do not offer this facility.


Can be in dollars, euro or Egyptian pounds. Please use notes only as coins cannot be exchanged or used to buy anything. The tip should be folded in the palm of the hand and quietly passed in the handshake while expressing your thanks.  Some Egyptians consider it good manners to quietly decline the tip once or twice, so it is considered good manners on your part to insist (with sincere thanks).

Per Day :

  • Tour Manager/Tour Leader $5

  • Tour Guide $5

  • Bus/Taxi Drivers for tours $2

  • Hotel Housekeeping $2

  • Restaurant Waiter not less $3

  • Porter or Baggage Handler $1

  • Bathroom Attendant 5 Egyptian Pounds

End of Cruise or Hotel Stay:

  • Most ships have a tip box in reception.

  • It is customary to tip a minimum of $5 per day, per guest. This is divided among all crew except the managers

  • If the cleaner or waiter was very good, an extra tip of $5 on departure day is always appreciated

  • If a receptionist or manager  has been especially helpful you can tip $10 on departure day

  • If you liked the food, compliment the Chef and $10 is appropriate


Check in is at 12:00 p.m. and Checkout is at 08:00 a.m.

Entry Into Egypt

A citizen of a foreign country, wishing to enter The Arab Republic of Egypt, generally must first obtain an e-Visa via the Egypt e-Visa Portal. An eVisa application must filed filed at least 7 days prior to arrival:

You will need a passport that is valid for six months at the end of your visit.


For practical reasons on the Nile, the cruise may be subject to cruise sequence alterations at short notice while you are in Egypt. Sometimes the ship will be moored alongside two or three other vessels. Most sailing is done during the day, but during some periods some sailing may be required after dark.

At busy periods the boat may be required to wait for a short time to get through the lock on the Nile at Esna.

Upon checking in on the cruise boat, it is advisable to leave your valuables in a safety deposit box. This will be available either in the reception, or a private safe in your cabin.

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